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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Crabtree Mania Edition

DTN News:

I forgot to mention yesterday morning that there's a new poll to the right. Vote on the outcome of the Mizzou/Texas Tech game. I've also done a Q & A session with the guys from Missouri blog, Rock M Nation that I'll post at lunch, as I still have some formatting to do.

And yes, I realize that I need to update the standings and the schedule. I'll try to do that tonight.

For those of you who cannot get enough Crabtree, here's a video of every Crabtree touchdown, except for the SMU game and, of course, the A&M game, where he didn't have a touchdown reception. Enjoy and share.

NCAA Football Highlights on

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams features sophomore defensive end Brandon Williams. Williams is having an outstanding season thus far and Williams credits Coach McNeill simplifying the defense and allowing the kids to just play:

"Coach Ruff, he did a good job,'' Williams said. "He told us to just play. He narrowed some of the plays down so we wouldn't have to think as much. The D-line, we've just got a couple of plays that we have to worry about. He gave us a couple of blitzes. He just let us pin our ears back and play.''

Don also notes that he's eliminated the "rush" and "strong-side" designations for the defensive ends. They essentially just go out there and play. It appears from the quotes above that Williams and most of the other players appreciate the more simplified approach and according to Don and defensive ends coach, Charlie Sadler, that the change was due to the number of no-huddle offenses.

Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook notes that Kellen Tillman has been reinstated to the team, but Coach McNeill says that he's not taking reps with the defense:

"He's got to go through some steps with me,'' McNeill said. "It's a step-by-step, week-by-week process. He has been reinstated to the team, but not taking reps, not practicing.''


Also in the notebook, Coach McNeill lets us in on some of the defensive game plan for Missouri as the defense has simplified, but McNeill wants to give Missouri QB Chase Daniel plenty of looks:

"In our meetings with (the defensive staff), we're always trying to water down,'' McNeill said. "Like tonight, I'm going to say, 'OK guys, what can we throw out after today? What can we take off the board today?'

"But against a team like Missouri, you've got to have enough (looks) to show Chase. You just can't line up in a vanilla-type look against Chase. But we'll try to water down what we've got for the kids, so they can line up and play and let their athleticism take over.''

LAJ's Jeff Walker has an excellent opinion piece about how Saturday's game against Missouri is the Red Raiders to earn respect. I agree with Jeff wholeheartedly. Go read the whole thing, this is the Red Raiders' golden opportunity to have the nation take notice.

DMN's Brandon George writes this morning about how the national media has taken notice of Harrell and Crabtree and interviewed both of them. Additionally, Texas Tech intends to create a web page devoted to the duo. They hype is starting to happen, but in order for this attention to be sustained this crew needs to continue to win. Good stuff from Brandon this morning.

DTN reader TracySaulRulz emails the following video this morning.

Texas Tech Baseball:

In baseball news, LAJ's George Watson reports that Texas Tech infielder, Jason Seefeld, is scheduled to under go surgery to repair a torn ACL.

Big 12 and College Football:

FWST's Wendell Barnhouse tries to make sense of this season and thinks that Michael Crabtree has been the player of the year the first half of the season . . . Tim Griffin ranks the Big 12 teams and Harrell and Crabtree are still atop the Big 12 offensive POY rankings . . .