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Assignment: Will Michael Crabtree Change the Texas Tech Program?

I started a feature in the summer that I never got around to finishing, which was Texas Tech's Top 10 Most Indispensable Players. I stopped at number 4, Michael Crabtree, which now seem strangely appropriate. I was thinking about how great Crabtree is last night, and although I hate to pat myself on the back too much, I think what I wrote on August 23, 2007 is more true now than ever:

I think that most Texas Tech fans have been waiting on that special receiver that could change the course of a game. There was a possibility that this game-changing receiver was Jarrett Hicks, Joel Filani, or Wes Welker, but none of those receivers, as talented as they were, had the potential take over a game and be such a great player that other kids want to come play at Texas Tech. I think Michael Crabtree is that player.


Michael Crabtree is indispensable because he has the opportunity to change the program.

So now I ask you, is Michael Crabtree the player who will change the face of this program? There have been a lot of players who have worn the scarlet and black, but is Michael Crabtree not just the best player, but is he the player who will change how this program is perceived and the recruits who come to Texas Tech?

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