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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Put A Hook On It Edition

DTN News:

There's not a bunch of news out there this morning. Apparently, the team took last night off, so nothing to report on as far as practice is concerned.

Perhaps the biggest news is Texas Tech's entry into the Top 25, but I don't see how getting into the Top 25 is much of a talking point. I'll be happy if the Red Raiders are in the Top 25 after Saturday.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams morning article focuses on Texas Tech's Top 25 entry and reviewing Saturday's win against the Aggies. I did find Harrell's quote regarding what the Aggie defense was giving Baylor led to what the Red Raiders game-planned for against the Ags:

"They were really trying to get their linebackers back - almost ignoring the run and trying to get back in our passing lanes,'' Harrell said. "Coach did a good job pointing that out on film, because they played Baylor last week and did a similar thing to them. We knew if they did that, we were going to have to run the ball to be successful.''

I know that a bunch of you watched Missouri tackle OU on Saturday night, any thoughts about what you saw that Coach Leach might game-plan on Saturday? I know that we're talking about 2 completely different offenses in Texas Tech and OU, but perhaps you saw something philosophically that you noticed about Missouri.

The NY Times college football blog, The Quad, asks if Harrell deserves to be in the Heisman conversation. I've already left my two cents, you might as well leave yours.

Special contributor to and usual writer for the SAEN, discusses Texas Tech's victory, but rather the surging Texas Tech defense (hat-tip to DTN Reader Rhyne). There's also a video review of the game down the side of the page to the right.

Big 12 Football:

The DMN goes Around the Big 12 including some notes on Texas Tech . . . SAEN's Tim Griffin has his Big 12 Notes and he thinks that the Texas Tech and Missouri game is the best Big 12 game of the week . . . FWST's Jimmy Burch writes about what Fran can do to save his job . . .