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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - The "It Was Nothing To Me" Edition

DTN News:

I've got grades and maybe some random thoughts later this morning. Enjoy today, because the Red Raiders go to Columbia next Saturday in what could prove to be a pivotal game. Also, I'll be really disappointed if this game isn't on television.

Texas Tech Football:

The LAJ has numerous articles this morning. First, Don Williams has his game story, covering the Red Raider defense and offense. George Watson writes this morning about the missed scoring opportunities for the Ags, including the 2 missed field goals. Also, Jeff Walker has a solid article about how Harrell and Crabtree are more than products of the system (which we know that the idea of a "system" is nothing more than someone attributing the great play of a team to something intangible and not the players on the field or coaches on the sidelines). Walker also focuses on the running game, which was pure genius on Leach and Harrell's part:

"We knew (A&M) would come out and try and play soft. I think Iowa State last week tried to do a similar thing, just play the linebackers so deep," Tech quarterback Graham Harrell said. "All week in practice we expected the same thing. It was like they wanted us to prove to them that we could run the ball, and we came out and did it."

Leach also had this quote about the high number of running plays that bothered him (hell, it bothered me too, I wasn't sure who I was watching for a while):

"I'm a little disturbed. I think we might have to throw a little more next time," Leach said. "Actually, I thought the balance was pretty good because we got a lot of people's hands on the ball. I don't care about all that 50-50 stuff, but I want all positions to touch it."

You have your Tech Football Notes.

Finally, here's Coach Leach's, Crabtree's, and Franchione's post-game thoughts, courtesy the LAJ.

The Chron's Terrance Harris has his game story, but he also had this quote from Texas A&M running back Jorvorskie Lane:

Chants of "Guar-ran-tee! Guar-ran-tee!" rained down from the student section as Lane and the Aggies exited the field with their first Big 12 loss of the season and without sole possession of first place in the South Division.

"I was really happy," said Lane, who had 48 yards and a touchdown on 13 carries. "I go into somebody else's house, and they are chanting bad things about me; I must be doing something good on the football field.

"It was nothing to me."

I'll let you guys comment on this one.

DMN's Brian Davis features the entire Texas Tech defense this morning and I thought it was great how the fans were chanting "Ruffin" after the game was over. Here's McNeill on the fans:

"They probably had a little bit too much to drink," McNeill joked. "I love our kids, but they're chanting my name? A big ol' guy? An old-school, half-bald guy? Nah, it was nice and I appreciate our kids, our fans.

"They must have been talking about another Ruffin."

I've got to hand it to the fans for recognizing that this tremendous defensive performance should be attributable to Coach McNeill. Hat-tip to you guys.

Perhaps the most damning comment from yesterday's game was from Marlon Williams who had this to say about Lane and the offensive line:

"If you look at Jorvorskie, he wasn't as effective in the second half as the first half," Tech linebacker Marlon Williams said. "Then just their linemen and different things, mentally and physically, they just started shutting down.

"It almost got to a point to where they were giving up."

Davis also details the late hit that wasn't by Von Miller on Graham Harrell.

From an Aggie perspective, Jean-Jacque Taylor thinks the Ags just aren't talented enough to save Fran's job.

SAEN is also on top of the game with an article on the defense by Tim Griffin, Brent Zwerneman has his game story and Mike Finger wonders what would have happened had they hired Coach Leach from Texas Tech 5 years ago.

The FWST's Dwain Price also checks in with a story on the defense and Coach McNeill and the always well-written John Miller checks in from the Aggie perspective.