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Random Thoughts on the Texas A&M v. Texas Tech Game

  • I don't think that we as fans could have been more proud of Harrell when he picked himself up off the carpet after the late hit from Aggie, Von Miller. He shook off the trainers because he didn't want to waste a timeout. Bottom line, he wanted to score a touchdown. Surely he recognized the importance of what it would mean to have a 2 touchdown lead against the Aggies who would have the ball to open the 2nd half.

    Bravo, Mr. Harrell.

  • The improvement from Whitlock and Henley has been amazing. I know that I thought that those two would face days where they would be over-matched, but they are steadily improving each and every game.

  • Is this two games in a row where we can say the defense out-played the offense? Don't get me wrong, I thought the offense played brilliantly, but wasn't the defense just as brilliant, and maybe slightly better. Once again, this is a testament to Coach Leach and Coach McNeill as these players are playing to their potential. In other words, I don't think that they are playing over their heads at all.

  • I don't know about you, but up until the game I thought that Coach Leach and the Red Raiders would pass the hell out of the ball, but I think the program and the coaching staff have turned a corner. This team and this offense can now take what the defense gives them and have complete confidence that you may be able to stop one facet of the game, but not every facet of this offense. It is no longer a gimmick offense, it is an offense that can be balanced, but chooses to play the way it typically does (passing) because it can.

  • Why was Stephen McGee in the game for that last drive? I know that I shouldn't be worried about the Ags, but what was the point. He looked tired and beaten, which is a credit to the defense for hitting him when they could, but that game was over. McGee needed to sit and save himself for another day.
  • I think Harrell is incredibly accurate, but credit needs to be given to the receivers who catch almost everything thrown their way. There was that one pass that I thought Crabtree should have had, but a big part of Harrell's accuracy is that these guys just don't drop passes. In watching part of that Hawaii game on Friday night I noticed that the Warrior receivers dropped passes that should have been caught. That just hasn't happened at Texas Tech, at least not this year.