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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Texas A&M Gameday Edition

DTN News:

Boys and girls, game day is here and 2:30 can't come soon enough. The open gameday thread goes up in a few hours.

Let's hope that this happens all day long:

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams feature this morning focuses on the offense of both Texas Tech and the Aggies. Coach Ruffin McNeill on the job ahead:

"I think they do a good job with the multiplicity of their offense,'' Tech interim defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill said. "They have a lot of sets, different formations, different groupings, and they do a good job of mixing those packages in during the game. We have to put our eyes in the right place, so we can fit properly on different runs.''

Former Texas Tech coach Spike Dykes and former Texas A&M coach R.C. Slocum will serve as honorary captains for today's coin toss.

Don Williams also has a great rundown of the eight individuals inducted into the Double-T Association's Hall of Honor:

The Double-T Association of Tech lettermen ushered in eight new members in a ceremony at the Memorial Civic Center. To be recognized again at a pre-game ceremony today, the new class also includes the Hall's first tennis player - Jake Broyles (1947-50) from Lamesa - as well as volleyball player Jill Burness Stowe (1995-97); basketball players Carl Ince (1953-55) from Lubbock High, Jeff Taylor (1979-82) and Jason Sasser (1993-96); and football players Jerry Johnson (1951-54) from Hale Center and James Gray (1986-89).

Awss, hell yeah, Don Williams details how Richard Jones and Marlon Williams are rapping machines. This stuff, I love. I love it because these guys are passionate about music and it makes them happy, so it makes me happy. Richard Jones' rap name is "Big Rich Da Untamed Beast" and some of his more popular songs are "What You Drankin On?" and "Jigg Wit It". I fully admit that I'm as white-bread as they come, but I still love how these guys have passion in their lives.

The LAJ's regular features are as follows and always worth a glance:

Go get your second cup of coffee and read the entirety of Tim Griffin's Big 12 Insider as well as his game-watching guide to Saturday's games. Brent Zwerneman details how the Aggies hope to slow down the Texas Tech passing attack

DMN's Brian Davis previews today's Red Raider/Aggie matchup and his feature article focuses on the Aggies' most recent struggles, both on the field in Lubbock and off the field with