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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Crabtree and Crabtree Edition

Texas Tech Football:

DMN's Brandon George bas a great feature on our Michael Crabtree, and talks to Michael Crabtree's father, Michael Crabtree. Here's Dad on his son's first football play:

Kids tried to grab his flag, and he just ran over them, and I said, 'Well, I guess this is the end of his flag career,' " said his father, also named Michael Crabtree. "He was too physical. I was worried because I didn't want the parents getting mad at me for him hurting their kids.

"He didn't take any mercy on anybody."


"When he played kids his own age, he would dominate them because he was bigger and stronger," said his father, who lives in Garland. "I've coached him since he was 5, so I'm used to seeing him score touchdowns. He can smell the end zone."

Still running over people and I think he smells the endzone each and every play.

Go read the whole article, it's well worth your time this morning.

LAJ's Don Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook notes that Ryan Hale is now the 2nd string weakside linebacker. I didn't realize that Collier was injured, but it explains why he hasn't made an appearance recently. Also of note, Coach Leach is immune to opponents' trash talk:

"We tend to ignore it,'' he said. "(Players) need to have the same mentality as far as all that stuff goes, just because it doesn't help you do your job. Anything that takes focus away from your job ultimately doesn't help you and hurts you a little bit, so we just try to stay focused on our job.''

Easy for Leach to say, but he also has to manage the mental approach of dozens of players. Leach said he needs "some help from key guys'' to do so. That starts with quarterback Graham Harrell.

"I think the group needs to kind of buy into what we talk about on that,'' Leach said. "I think Graham's a clear example of a guy that does. When he talks, they listen, and part of it is (his) example, performance. The other thing is the fact, they know that he knows what he's talking about.''

Don also features this morning TAMU linebackers Mark Dodge and Misi Tupe. Remember that Dodge was in the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 and he has served this country proudly.

SAEN's Tim Griffin talks about the record pace of Harrell and Crabtree. Here's Harrell on overcoming the preconceived notion that Texas Tech runs a system offense:

"I think that we do get overlooked because the perception is that everybody has put up big numbers here," Harrell said. "You kind of get branded as a product of the system and that's not really fair.

"Yeah, we get to throw it a lot, but our coverages often have eight or nine defenders against us on a regular basis. It would be easier to throw against some more regular looks. And if it was really that easy, everybody would be doing it."

DMN's Brian Davis' chat transcript from yesterday. Lots of Texas Tech questions. Excellent work.

The Chron's Terrance Harris features TAMU defensive back Danny Gorrer, who had this to say about Michael Crabtree and the Texas Tech offense:

"I look at it like they're going to throw the ball at least 60 times, and I look at it like out of those 60, I've got to at least get one or two to help my team out," Gorrer said. "For all the DBs, we know they have one of the best receivers in the nation. With the numbers he's putting up, Michael Crabtree is going to be a great test for the secondary, period."

Gorrer believes the best way to defend a receiver like Crabtree is to be physical with him.

"You've just got to go out there and play your game," said Gorrer. "I've been watching him, and I've always said I like the swagger he plays with. At the end of the day, though, I have to do my job, and I'm looking forward to going against him."

Harris also blogs about a blueprint to slow Texas Tech's offense.

Last, but certainly not least, FWST's Dwain Price features junior defensive back Darcel McBath.

Big 12 Football:

This is cool, SBNation blog, Corn Nation interviewed former Heisman Trophy Winner, Johnny Rogers. Excellent interview. My wish list of former Texas Tech players probably begins with Donny Anderson, James Gray and Zach Thomas.