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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Alligators and Ninjas Edition

DTN News:

That's right, it's an alligators and ninjas edition of morning notes. It might stay that way for the time being too. Coach Ruffin McNeill:

"There were mine fields and bombs on the left, there were hungry alligators from [Hurricane] Katrina's storm on the right, and there were like 10-12 Ninjas taking those masks to cover your eyes, and they had two swords... and the only way I could go was straight ahead," McNeill said. "If I looked to the left, I might get blown up and if I looked to the right, one of the Katrina alligators might bite me.

"And if I turned around, those guys looked really mean behind that mask and were throwing those swords at me."

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams focuses this morning on the defense's performance from Saturday night. Coach Leach believed that the team prepared well:

"I thought it started with a good week of practice," Leach said, "and then I think it continued through the course of the game. ... Significant portions of the game, I thought we played with emotion on all sides of the ball simultaneously, which really I think it's important to develop that skill."

I'm glad he's happy with the win, but this week, there's a more legitimate opponent in Iowa State (I'm not sure how true of a statement that actually is, but ISU is a Big 12 school). But Coach Leach understands that every game is vital to the future success of this program and was not at all a surprise to Coach Leach:

"The only thing surprising would be if there's no surprises,'' he said. "(Upsets) happen every single year. There's going to be more to come. There's probably a game or two or three more than there is some Saturdays, but that happens every year. ... That's why it's so important for us to play with emotion as a team simultaneously and in particular on defense, because that's the type of game it is.

In Don's Tech Football Notes he mentions that Tillmans off-the-field discretion (I haven't seen where this incident has been disclosed) will not cost him the starting strong-side linebacker position. Damnit.

Williams also mentions that guard Brandon Carter was walking under his own power yesterday. That's good news, but I wouldn't be opposed to Carter sitting out this week to get completely healthy.

Big 12 Football:

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