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Texas Tech 62, Kansas State 52

Texas Tech beat Kansas State, 62-52, for Tech's second conference victory.  I don't have time to review the game in my normal fashion this morning, so you'll have to wait until tonight or early tomorrow morning.  Until then, let's post the game recaps.

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

AP/Yahoo's Dave Skretta writes his game article here.

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his game article and Knight had this to say about Decensae White, who also had a really nice game with 11 points and 7 rebounds:

"Nobody scored very many points in the first half," Knight said. "I think he had 10 at the half and he hit one jump shot. He got eight points around the bucket. He went to the backboard. He still has too much high school in him. We've ground some of it out of him, and we've got to drag some more out of him."

On another note, DMN's Tim MacMahon and Brian Davis report that Rizvic had surgery Monday to repair fractures to his right eye socket, and that the Big 12 is going to review Longar's elbow.  

As you well know by now, Florida beat Ohio State, 41-14 in the National Championship.  Make sure and check out Swamp Ball, the well done Florida Gator blog.