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Sunday Morning Basketball Notes

The Red Raiders won a hard fought victory against Oklahoma yesterday.  Look for more of this type of play on Monday night as Tech will face off against Kansas State.

LAJ's Jeff Walker has an excellent write up about the latest Tech victory.  When I first watched as Longar swung his elbows in the face of Rizvic I thought it was pretty nasty.  I almost always side with a player in that 99% of the time, a player does not intend to injure another, unless it's just obvious, but Longar should have known better.  Knight had this to say about Rizvic and Longar:

"That was a really bad situation," Tech head coach Bob Knight said. "(Rizvic) has a fractured eye socket now. I'm not sure what that's going to do to him. I'm not sure that guy (Longar) should be able to play anymore. That was just, that was just bad. When a kid gets hurt that badly on a play that isn't even really a part of basketball.

"Kids can get hurt going up to the bucket, kids can get hurt getting tripped or knocked over, but swinging your arms out like that with your elbows out at the height of some kid's head, that's not good."

Losing Rizvic isn't good, but it isn't the end of the world so long as other post players step-up their game.

Of course we talked yesterday about how Plefka stepped up and played well.  Knight praised Plefka as well.

"That's a hell of a thing that a kid has to do is come in and make two free throws," Knight said. "I think the most singularly interesting thing in the game was Plefka coming in, in the second half, and playing as well as he did. He started out the season well and then had a real dry spell where he didn't play well, a little bit like last year, and he hasn't played for a couple of games."

DMN's Brian Davis has his game-day article.

FWST's John Miller also has his wrap-up from the game.