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Oklahoma 54, Texas Tech 68

Texas Tech beat Oklahoma, 68-54. Let's get to the boxscore.

Player M Reb Ast Pts Comment
M. Zeno 37 6 2 17 Once again a well-rounded game, is now team leader
M. Prince 7 1 0 0 Played well, but minutes diminishing to White
D. Suljagic 4 0 0 0 Started for Rizvic, minimal minutes
J. Jackson 37 2 1 14 Struggled from the field today, played well on defense
C. Burgess 35 5 5 11 Drove to the bucket well, good to see all the assists
D. White 16 5 1 6 Scrappy player, is athletic and can compete with the Big 12
A. Voskuil 27 1 0 5 Solid job handling the ball today against pressue defense
J. Plefka 17 3 1 12 Nice spark off the bench, actually grabbed some rebounds
L. White 1 0 0 0 Minimal minutes
E. Rizvic 7 3 0 3 Battled against Longar nicely, hurt in the 2nd half
D. Dora 12 3 0 0 Seemed invisible when in the game

Before we get into Tech's performance, I am shocked by the lack of offense that OU presents. I don't think I've even seen a team lacking the outside presence like OU. Watching them on offense was like watching a surgeon operate on a splinter with a hatchet. Granted, Tech wasn't necessarily a scoring machine today and much of the struggles to score for both clubs can be attributed to great defense, but that was just ugly.

What Tech Did Right:

  • Tech battled. For the first time all year, they faced a team and they battled all day. OU is a rough team, not a dirty team, but just a rough squad and Tech was able to take whatever OU had to offer and was able to get a victory.
  • Martin Zeno is really good. I hope all of you are watching him play. He does so many little things that its just amazing. The fact that he isn't afraid to go inside or initiate a little contact speaks volumes about his game. If he's struggling from the outside, he can go inside and score as well.
  • Plefka showed up today after Rizvic was injured and really played well. It's real easy to hang your head and pout about not getting playing time, but it was obvious that today, Plefka wanted to show something to Knight, and he did.
  • Sometimes, I think that the light bulb for Rizvic turns on, and today he realized that for Tech to win, he was going to have to go toe to toe with Longar. Until Longar got Rizvic on the cheek with an elbow he did battle. There's no doubt that Longar is the superior athlete, but Rizvic stepped up to the challenge.
  • Decensae White is a really nice player, and the more he plays the more we all start to realize that he's definitely got some game.
  • Burgess and Voskuil did an excellent job of handling the ball today. They are not true point guards, but they're doing a pretty good job.
  • Defensively, Tech was very good. I think that a large part of OU's struggle to score (as I mentioned above) is that OU doesn't have a scorer on their team. But Tech played really good defense. Their guards really got after the OU perimeter players, which makes sense. If you bother someone who can shoot then you lower their chances of scoring, but if you bother someone who can't shoot a lick, then you significantly lower their chances of scoring.

What Tech Did Wrong:

  • Too many silly turnovers. Some of that I think is that OU is great defensively, but Tech has to watch the ball, Burgess has to slow down.
  • I'd love to see some consistency from the frontcourt. I really don't like guessing each game as to which big man is going to make an impact. I think that White is starting to take control of one of the forward positions, but generally, it's a crapshoot.
  • Block out. There were too many easy put-backs today. Kansas St. will be the same type of team. Athletes who can rebound and put the ball back in the bucket. The bigs have to figure out how to block out by Monday.

Overall, I thought Tech played really well. We'll post some articles tomorrow. It's time to watch some NFL playoffs. Check out fellow SBNation blog, Blogging the Boys for all your Cowboys related coverage.