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Question and Answer with Crimson and Cream Machine

CCMachine from the very well done Crimson and Cream Machine have collaborated so that we can learn a little more about OU, especially since OU's new head coach, Jeff Capel, is younger than me.  

1. What we can expect from a Jeff Capel team?

The definitive staples of the Jeff Capel era have been hustle, defense and rebounding. The Sooners are among the best in the conference in all three of those categories. You'll see the Sooners running all over the floor making defensive and hustle plays unfortunately you are also going to see them turn the ball over a lot and miss a whole bunch of shots.

2. Just looking at the numbers OU is pretty good defensively, what's the reason or reasons why?

OU is very solid on defense and it's due to hustle and athleticism. Longar Longar's specialty is shot blocking and Oklahoma's "in your face" defense seldom gives up easy baskets.

3. It seemed like OU was going to rely on Neal coming into the season, but he's really struggled from the field, who else has really stepped up for OU on the offensive end?

A two game suspension along with some injuries got Michael Neal's season off to a very slow start along with the fact that he is no longer a secret and opposing teams don't lose him on the floor has forced OU to try to find points elsewhere.

Longar Longar, Tony Crocker and Austin Johnson have all stepped up to become the team's top three leading scorers. All three of them average double figures in scoring led by Longar's 13 point average.

4. Longar is has improved leaps and bounds this year, other than him, does OU have any other depth inside?

The Sooners were dealt a huge blow when they lost Keith Clark for the season last week. Longar is the tallest player on the team but Taylor Griffin is thick at 6-7 232lbs and can jump out of the building. Nate Carter is the only other guy with size at 6-6 220lbs.

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