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Wednesday Morning Notes

Texas Tech News

Holy @#$%, why haven't I found this before? This is the halftime speech given by Coach Leach during the 2006 Insight Bowl. How does this find it's way to the internet?

The news coming out of Lubbock is a little slow the last day or two, luckily we face the Longhorns tonight and you can see the Double T Nation preview below or go here. Go ahead and check out the preview at Burnt Orange Nation.

LAJ's Jeff Walker reports that Burgess and Plefka will play tonight. That's real good news.

DMN's Chip Brown also as an article on the relationship between Barnes and Knight.

As a public service to my fellow Red Raiders, I bring to you the following YouTube videos of 2007 commit Stefan Loucks and recent prospect, Sam Fehoko:
Stefan Loucks
Sam Fehoko

ESPN's Pat Forde believes that the Aggies have one of the worst home courts and I tend to agree. But what's worse, an oversized logo or sponsors on the floor.

Robert Johnson and Kenyuta Dawson are both playing in Texas v. The Nation game. Sigmund Bloom of gives his report of practices (The report can be found in its entirety on Draft Daddy). Additionally, Bloom had this to say about Johnson:

Robert Johnson, WR, Texas Tech - Very natural receiver at full extension, natural hands - surprising for a QB convert.

And this to say about Dawson:

Kenyuta Dawson, LB, Texas Tech - Dawson had an imposing physique with 271 lbs on only a 6'1" 1/8 frame. One scout noted that "he just keeps getting bigger and bigger".

Non-Tech Related Stuff:

The Arizona Cardinal's Adrian Wilson can jump really really high (it's absolutely incredible that a person can do this).

Make sure and check out Windy City Gridiron for all of your Chicago Bears news and Stampede Blue for your Indianapolis Colts notes.

High school phenom O.J. Mayo "bumped" a ref and its been alleged that the ref took a dive. SI's Luke Wynn has an article detailing those events along with the video. Henry Abbott of True Hoop has lots more, including an injunction has been filed allowing Mayo to play and the hand-written account of Mayo's coach. By the way, True Hoop is a must read for NBA fans.