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2007 Review and Preview: Texas Tech Quarterbacks

This will be the format that I'll follow for reviewing and previewing each position for the Red Raiders. I'm posting the quarterback review/preview a little early because Tech seems set in terms of new recruits (I may post running backs early too).

Who Is Gone:

No. Player Yr. Ht./Wt. Hometown (High School)
13 Chris Todd RS Fr. 6-2/212 Elizabethtown, KY (Elizabethtown)
- Derek Shaw So. 6-4/215 Oceanside, CA (Oceanside)

As we're well aware by now, Todd and Shaw are no longer at Tech. Todd transferred with grace and will be attending a junior college in his hometown, Elizabethtown. Shaw, I'm not really sure he was ever really a part of the team and questioned why he decided Tech was his destination when he initially transferred from Arizona State. You'd figure that the kid would attend a school where the starting QB wasn't a sophomore, but who am I to judge. The Todd defection hurts the worst, but he simply wasn't going to play. Todd was a luxury for when Harrell faltered at the beginning of the season, but once Harrell found his footing the job was his.

Who Returns:

No. Player Yr. Ht./Wt. Hometown (High School)
6 Graham Harrell Jr. 6-3/197 Ennis, Texas (Ennis)
16 Ryan Rowland Sr. 6-3/212 Midland, Texas (Midland)
15 Taylor Potts RS Fr. 6-5/210 Abilene, Texas (Abilene)
18 Steven Sheffield RS Fr. 6-4/185 Austin, Texas (Connally)

New Recruits:

Player Ht./Wt. Hometown (High School)
Stefan Loucks 6-2/185 Little Rock, AR (Pulaski Academy)

*I'm making the assumption that Potts and Sheffield both red-shirted last year.

Projecting forward, here's how things should shake out over the next 5 years:

  • 2007:
    1. Harrell - Jr.
    2. Rowland - Sr.
    3. Potts - RS Fr.
    4. Sheffield - RS Fr.
    5. Loucks - Redshirt
  • 2008:
    1. Harrell - Sr.
    2. Potts - So.
    3. Sheffield - So.
    4. Loucks - RS Fr.
  • 2009:
    1. Potts - Jr.
    2. Sheffield - Jr.
    3. Loucks - So.
  • 2010:
    1. Potts - Sr.
    2. Sheffield - Sr.
    3. Loucks - Jr.
  • 2011:
    1. Loucks - Sr.

Obviously, this projection doesn't take into account injuries or additional defections. I think everyone at Tech is excited to see what Harrell can do with three years in the system and Potts has slipped into a situation where he shouldn't have any pressure for at least the next two years, which is perfect. Rowland shouldn't see any playing time except as mop-up duty for Graham this next year. Loucks, assuming he stays, will start one year and I'd imagine that this will be what Tech fans can expect for years to come, quarterbacks who will have no more than one to two years starting for Tech. That's fine with me, much of Harrell's struggles this year I blame on his inexperience and not his ability.

Tech should be set for years to come at the quarterback position, and this postion is the least of Tech's worries.