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Wednesday Night Football Notes

Arkansas WR, Damian Williams previously requested a release from his scholarship to Arkansas, one of the teams who was proactive in inquiring if Williams would want to go to their school was Tech. I previously discussed this possibility here. It appears that Williams has decided to attend USC. I don't necessarily know how likely Tech was going to be successful in convincing Williams to go to school here, but I applaud Leach and the staff for trying to get a leg up on the competition and asking for permission to talk with him before he was released from his scholarship.

For those of you who cannot get enough college football, Mike Leach will be the head coach for the South team in the Inta Juice North-South All-Star Classic in Houston on January 13, 2007:

Among the 100 student-athletes playing on both teams, six hail from Texas Tech. Offensive linemen Gabe Hall, Glenn January and Manuel Ramirez join Leach on the sideline, along with punter Alex Reyes, wide receiver Joel Filani and defensive end Keyunta Dawson.

I will get into the positions more in depth as the offseason wears on, but I think that Tech has a nice mix at the wide receiver and flanker positions. Because of Johnson, Filani and Hicks we don't know what we have, but what we can tell is that Tech certainly has some size at receiver, and it's no secret that Crabtree is supposed to be something special. Personally, I love what L.A. Reed brings to the table, if I had to hedge my bets, it would be that Reed will steal the show next year and not far behind will be Crabtree.

No. Player Year Ht./Wt. Position
5 Michael Crabtree FR 6-2/208 Wide Receiver
10 Christian Sterling FR 6-1/188 Wide Receiver
87 Daitric Williams FR 6-4/215 Wide Receiver
27 Edward Britton RS FR 6-0/177 Wide Receiver
83 Chris Cunigan RS FR 6-2/185 Wide Receiver
4 Todd Walker SO 6-1/178 Wide Receiver
20 Danny Amendola JR 5-11/177 Inside Receiver
85 Kelly Hildebrandt JR 5-8/179 Inside Receiver
29 David Schaefer JR 6-3/227 Inside Receiver
19 Grant Walker JR 6-1/189 Inside Receiver
12 Eric Morris RS FR 5-8/178 Inside Receiver
86 L.A. Reed SO 6-2/201 Inside Receiver

Like I said, we'll look much closer at every position as we move further along in the offseason.

Programming Note: I'll be exchanging some questions and answers with Crimson and Cream Machine so that Tech fans can get a better feel for what the OU basketball program brings to the table now that they Sampson has left OU for Indiana and former Dukie, Jeff Capel is running the team. I also be posting my game preview tomorrow night.