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DMN Chat

Todd Wills, the DMN recruiting expert, had a chat today about football college recruiting.  It's a good read and has a good bit of recruiting info for most of the other Big 12 teams and there was one Tech related note, other than the news that Dez Bryant committed to Oklahoma State on Sunday, when asked who will have the biggest impact next year of this year's recruits here is Wills' answer:

Texas Tech loses its top three receivers (Filani, Hicks, Johnson) and even though great Red Raiders beat writer Tim MacMahon reports that Carter's Michael Crabtree will be the man next year for the receiver corps, there should be a shot at playing time for Jacob Amie, Jacoby Franks, Rashad Hawk and Tramain Swindall.

Although a little premature, I will be posting my first review of every position for the Red Raiders.  I'll be starting with quarterback since that is the one position where it doesn't seem like there will any other additions other than Loucks.