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Game Article Roundup - Texas A&M 68, Texas Tech 70

We have a number of newspaper game related articles to post this morning after Tech's win over the Ags last night.  

DMN's Rachel Cohen has her article here.  Knight gives some praise to the fans at the game:

"The people that made the greatest play were our students," Knight said.

FWST's Jeff Caplan has his article here.    Knight also notes the significance of the past two victories:

"It's a unique situation for our kids to be able to beat two highly ranked teams in a five-day period," said coach Bob Knight, who notched record win No. 884. "We have 11 games left and we might not win any of them, but this was good for us."

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his article here.  Jeff also has this quote from assistant coach Chris Beard on Burgess's foul while Tech was up by three:

Before Law could attempt a shot, Burgess fouled Law to put him at the line and prevent the Aggies from attempting a game-tying field goal.

Tech assistant coach Chris Beard said the players were instructed during a time out that the option was there to foul if A&M tried to penetrate.

"Coach (Knight) just told them that we've been in this position before and the option was there if we thought it was necessary," Beard said.

Make sure and go to the LAJ as there's a pretty neat picture of all of the fans on the court after the game.  

And we actually have a Statesman game article here