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Some National Publicity

ESPN's Jay Bilas puts Texas Tech into his Power 16 at #16.  

SI's Luke Winn (hat tip to HubCityRader) also has the Red Raiders at #16.

As we all know, Tech's recent win over the Aggies is a huge step for this program, a step that we might not feel for at least a year.  I've tried to detail (although it's been quite a while since an update) the recent crop of basketball commits for this year, an impressive bunch to say the least.  The recent wins highlight that Tech is a program on the rise, and programs on the rise lead to better recruits and better recruits lead to a top 25 program.  

I know that I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but I can't help but think where this program will be in two years.  

Enjoy the moment Red Raider fans, Mizzou will be a difficult task, especially in Columbus, but the Tigers have only notched one victory, against Colorado, but Tech playing really well right now.