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Late Night Tuesday Basketball Notes

It's late, I know.  Long day and a long evening.  We have a couple of offerings from today that I'm just now getting around to posting.  

First, DMN's Chip Brown weighs in on the latest Bob Knight incident as he hung up on the Big 12 conference call when asked about whether or not Darryl Dora was in Knight's doghouse and how tough it is to climb out of Knight's doghouse.  Brown tracks down Andre Emmett for this quote:

"As a player, of course it bothers you when Coach Knight is making light of you after a good performance," said Emmett, who now plays for the Los Angeles D-Fenders of the NBADL. "But I still talk to Darryl, Jay (Jackson) and some of the guys and Darryl is good right now.

"He understands Coach Knight. What people don't understand about Coach is that he'll say something like that to the media, and then he'll kiss you on your forehead coming out of the locker room. It's a challenge mentally playing for him, for sure, but it's family."

Isn't the same story we get all the time with demanding coaches?  For whatever reason, 99% of the players who play for Coach Knight will, until the day they die, vouch for him.  But it's not just Knight, it's every hard-to-deal-with coach that tends to earn players' respect.  

Oh, well.

LAJ's Jeff Walker has an article about sophomore guard, Alan Voskuil, who has contributed more to the team than just good shooting. Walker points out that Voskuil has got to be more confident in his shot, but I say that it's not just limited to his shot, he needs to be more confident in handling the ball, in taking control of the offense, etc.  He doesn't have to defer to Jackson every time down the court.  .