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Monday Night Basketball Notes

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The LAJ does a nice job of putting together a big of internet fun with a slideshow of pictures from Tech's victory over Kansas along with Bob Knight audio.

Coach Knight's weekly conference call with Big 12 media didn't go so well today.  I'll just leave it at that.

Again, CBS Sportsline's Gary Parrish reports that Knight almost grabbed a student to get he/she off of the court.  Here's the second page of that article (scroll to the end of the article) and here is the first page of the article where he praises Knight's sense of humor.  Parrish ends the article with this quote:

Yelling at media members is one thing, and even grabbing a player can be defended on some level. But a coach with Knight's history attempting to lay his hands on a random fan is borderline insane, and it's an indication that there's a better-than-good chance his career will ultimately end under strange circumstances -- even stranger than imagining 20 years ago that Eddie Murphy would someday serve as the voice of a donkey in a cartoon.