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Recruiting Update

We don't have much news, but as I pointed out yesterday, that win was huge on two levels. First, it's a great win by the basketball program (as pointed out in the comments section by HubcityRaider), but secondly, it could be an incredible motivator for the recruits who came to visit yesterday.

First up is this video from (click on "Playmakers visiting Texas Tech" link under the video section. A couple of notes:

  • Bryant makes some pretty spectacular catches in this short clip. The guy is pretty incredible.
  • Jacob Amie is huge. I don't know what you do with this guy, but he looks to be at least as big as Joel Filani is now and he's only 18.
  • Roderick Davis seems like he'd be a good fit as an inside receiver, but make sure and check out the monster mullet on the QB throwing him the ball. That is awesome.
  • Also has video of Detron Lewis a WR out of A&M Consolidated. That's a lot of WRs, but what the heck.

LAJ's Don Williams also has this piece on how a number of recent recruits has switched their prior verbal commitments to another school to Tech. Most interesting is the fact that it appears that we're building a special offensive line class and second, I love when we get a notable defensive player.