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Tuesday Night Basketball Notes

I don't think that I'll have an opportunity to post much tonight, but I'll post what I have.

LAJ's Jeff Walker agrees that the Voskuil save and the Jackson 3-pointer sealed Tech's victory against New Mexico.  

Knight says this about his team:

"I think the most impressive thing about the game is the way that New Mexico came back," Knight said. "From a basketball standpoint, you have to have a great appreciation for that. We had done everything but deliver a knockout punch at the beginning.

 "We have to really be concerned about being able to take the game where we had it in the beginning, a 20-point lead, and then lose all of that lead. We've got to really examine our team from the standpoint of what we have to do to prevent that from happening."

Jeff's Tech notebook is here.  

LAJ's Don Williams, as always, has an excellent article on Knight and the beginning of his career.  I like this snipet from Williams' article the best:

The last 116 victories have come at Tech, a career-ending destination that seemed a world away when Knight was winning three national championships during three decades of service at Indiana.

But even this unexpected marriage has turned out OK.

"I like the people out here," Knight said. "There's a real underlying fabric to West Texas. It's tough people and people that are proud people and people that are independent all over this part of the state. I've enjoyed being a part of that."

DMN's Tim MacMahon, despite my recent misgivings about the DMN, has some interesting figures, players, etc. on Knight.