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Thursday Evening Notes

We have a couple of notes to clean up from this morning's post.

  • I was surprised to hear that Derek Shaw was dismissed from the team, but not really shocked. Once again, he seemed to be a quarterback who was only going to get to play if Harrell was hurt. This doesn't really bother that much. Don't get me wrong, the luxury of 2 or 3 quarterbacks who could play is a wonderful problem to have, especially in this offense, but we all know that Leach has a knack for making obscure quarterbacks work in this offense. I hope that we don't ever get to see Rowland, but if we do, I'd feel pretty comfortable that he's more than competent to run this offense.
  • I think that Jack Bicknell, Jr. will be a pleasant surprise this year. I thought that the offensive line played really well down the stretch this year, but it never hurts to hire someone outside the program. If nothing else, a fresh perspective on how to skin a cat. Bicknell, Jr. had this to say about Leach:
    "I feel like we're great friends," said Bicknell, who was Louisiana Tech's head coach from 1999-2006. "He's always been someone that I would call and talk to and just sort of ask advice. Obviously, I've always been very impressed with what they've done offensively. When we had a good quarterback, we certainly threw the ball around. I think there's similar philosophies there. I think the world of him, have a lot of respect for him, and we became good friends throughout the years."
  • Although it's early, very early, the Stateman's Kirk Bohls submits his 2007 Top 25 football poll. There have been other polls already produced, but this one had Tech checking in at #23.