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Tuesday Night Basketball Notes

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There's a real lack of Tech basketball news available, so the best thing to do is improvise.

Jay Jackson has two draft profiles: (who by the way is predicting that he goes to the Mavs with the last pick of the 2nd round - which would be a double score for me) and DraftExpress (scroll down to the 10th player).

According to USAToday, Tech commit D'Walyn Roberts' Duncanville squad is the 14th best team in the nation.

BREAKING NEWS: DMN's Chip Brown reports Knight thinks that Longar's suspension didn't go far enough and OU's head coach, Jeff Capel thinks it went too far.

Last night Kansas beat Missour in a very close game. Kansas is ripe for a loss. Lots of close games, Tech is playing at home, after a bad Baylor loss . . I smell an upset.

Davin Ham breaking the backboard. I still love this video.

Non basketball related video: 1976 video of Texas Tech beating Texas. There's really no reason for this other than it's just fun to watch old video. I like Tech's 1976 uniforms better than the current uniforms. Of course, I'm old.