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Tuesday Night Football Notes

The DMN notes here in their college blog and here in an article by Chip Brown that the triumvirate of Springdale High School players who committed to Arkansas are considering transferring.  The already departed Damian Williams (he's headed to USC) and quarterback Mitch Mustain has been given his walking papers to transfer.

It's always nice to see that Chris Todd had nothing but good things to say about leaving Tech, that his departure was really a matter of playing time.  That's understandable.  Todd wasn't disrespectful, or had his mommy and daddy talk to the coach, what more can you ask from a player.

For those of you not familiar with Sunday Morning Quarterback, it is a must read, but SMQ also weighs in on Mustain and thinks he may be headed to Tulsa.

LAJ's Don Williams has an article about new Tech commit, offensive lineman, Justin Keown, from Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Virginia.  This is actually a pretty interesting story, Keown could not qualify academically and preemptively decided to go to Hargrave Military Academy for his senior season.  So here's the question, he was apparently good enough for Clemson, South Carolina, Maryland and Tennessee early in his career, or at least garner interest from those schools which is quite different that an actual offer.  Anyway, by the time Keown's is closer to graduating East Carolina, Western Carolina, Appalachian State and Tennessee-Chattanooga start to make offers.  Now, apparently faced with a decision, he has to choose between Hargrave and Newberry University.  That's just strange.  Really strange.