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Texas Tech's Next Five: Looking Ahead

Texas Tech faces an incredibly tough stretch over the next five games. If anything, this exercise is to point out how important the Balor game was and to stress that every conference game is vital to playing in the post-season. The good thing about all of this is that Tech and Coach Knight have an entire week before we have to play Kansas. That's plenty of time to correct some of the problems the Red Raiders had against Baylor. There isn't a game on the remaining schedule that isn't winnable. Some nights it will just come down to if Tech's star players are better than your stars player.

Let's take a look at each of these games:

1/20 Kansas @ Texas Tech

Kansas struggled at Iowa State, but being on the road in the Big 12 is always tough. Kansas still took a victory from Ames, something that Tech didn't do with a lesser team. Mario Chalmers is an amazing guard and an amazing talent. Not to mention, Brandon Rush and Julian Wright are both very exceptional talents as well. Sasha Kaun is a better than average center let's not forget that Darrell Arthur is just a freshman and is the Jayhawk's 3rd leading scorer.

1/24 Texas A&M @ Texas Tech

Acie Law IV has been exceptional this year, in fact, he's been more than exceptional, but it doesn't stop there. Joseph Jones is an inside presence who is averaging 13.8 points per game and almost 7 rebounds. Carter and Kavaliaskas are both averaging in double figures. The best part about all of this, according to Ken Pomeroy, A&M has the best defense in the county. That's right, not the best defense in the Big 12, but in the country.

1/27 Texas Tech @ Mizzou

Mike Anderson had the Tigers off to an incredible start, but as of today, they've lost their 1st 3 conference games, and much like Baylor, they'll be hungry for a conference win, especially at home. The Tigers are led by Stefhon Hannas, Matt Lawrence and Marshall Brown. Kalen Brown is a big body inside. Do not underestimate the Tigers. Anderson gets the Tigers to play defense like they haven't in the past and playing in Columbia will be incredibly difficult.

1/31 Texas @ Texas Tech

Tech will have the opportunity to beat the team with the best player in the nation. I know that this is a debatable statement, but just looking at Durant's numbers it's hard to argue. Not to mention, Tech doesn't really have a player who will be able to matchup with him, and few teams have an athletic 6-9 forward with a 7-3 wingspan (Prince or White?). Quick guards Abrams and Augustin will be a handful for Burgess and Jackson. Damion James, UT's 5th leading scorer, may be the 2nd most talented player on that team.

2/3 @ Oklahoma

OU will be looking for revenge. I know, we should be looking for revenge for losing Rizvic for the entire year, but they won't see it that way, at least not in Norman. OU will be wanting to get revenge for Longar's suspension (it feels weird typing that). I know that OU didn't look very good in Lubbock, but with a little home cooking, there's a greater than zero chance that their shooting woes will disappear, much like Baylor's did in Waco. I wouldn't be surprised to see Neal, Maze and Crocker all have decent games in a friendly arena.