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Texas Tech Signee: D'Walyn Roberts

Yesterday morning I caught Friday night's high school basketball match-up between DeSoto and Duncanville. The reason why this is even mentioned here is that I was able to watch 2007 recruit D'Walyn Roberts, a 6-7 forward. First, Duncanville doesn't seem to run a real organized offense. If you're open, then they shoot it which explains why Roberts' point totals aren't very impressive. Not to mention, Duncanville as a very deep team with lots of ability and frontcourt players.

Offensively, Roberts has decent range, he hit a 3-pointer at one point during the 2nd half and has a decent mid-range game. His points come a variety of ways. He is very much able to run the floor for easy fast-break buckets, and he has the ability to battle inside for offensive rebounds and keeps possessions alive. He finished the game with 15 points, which led Duncanville. Roberts most impressive basket came on a very athletic follow-up slam.

Defensively, Roberts is very long for 6-7, and is a better than average rebounder. With his length, he is also able to challenge opposing players' shots.

I'm really impressed with Roberts. He's very lean, and he may have a difficult time contributing initially, but he's really gifted and Tech could certainly use some more gifted rebounders and players on the floor. I don't think he's a duplication of what Tech currently has in White and Prince. I think he's more of an inside player than either one of them.

Tech has a really nice player here.