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Double T Nation Update

Because of the bad weather this weekend I could think of no other thing to do other than do some housecleaning on Double T Nation.

Here's what Double T Nation has on tap for the near future:

  1. I've added some additional subscription buttons at the end of the right column. If you need an additional news feed or don't see yours listed, just let me know and I'll try to add it.
  2. I've finally updated the links section. They were pitiful, and quite frankly I just didn't have the time to add to them. Well, I've done that now and I think it looks a lot better.
  3. As you will note from the previous post, I will be making my best effort to keep track of the Texas Tech Red Raider baseball club. Look for updates throughout the remainder of the baseball season.
  4. After football recruiting is wrapped up, I'll start analyzing each position. We'll look at the players who are leaving, the returning players, new recruits, and try to guess as to a possible depth chart for each position.