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Texas Tech Baseball

In my attempt to cover as many sports as possible, I am making an attempt to cover Texas Tech baseball. It's been years since I've even thought about the Red Raiders on the diamond, but I felt like I would probably have the time to devote to the baseball club given that the basketball season will end before you know it.

Just please keep in mind that I will follow baseball as closely as I possibly can, but I won't go into the detail as I do with football and basketball with each and every game, but I'll do my best.

Baseball American says that the Red Raiders are the 41st best team in the nation.

The LAJ's George Watson has an excellent article on the health of the Red Raider 2007 squad.

Here's the 2007 Texas Tech baseball schedule.

The 2007 Texas Tech baseball roster.

The first game is February 2nd at 3:00 p.m. If you're still a student, go ahead and put it on your schedule, go to the game.

If you're in Lubbock and are able to go to the games, then sign up for a free account, post a diary and I'll make sure and move it to the front page.