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Saturday Morning Notes

Strange, FWST's John Miller reports that Tech offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh resigned Friday.  Apparently he's headed to Arizona with Sonny Dykes.

Leach has already found a replacement as DMN's Tim MacMahon reports that Tech has already hired a replacement offensive line coach, former Louisana Tech head coach, Jack Bicknell Jr.

Crimson and Cream Machine is not happy with the Big 12 and Big 12 Commissioner, Kevin Weiberg.  On some level I understand, CCMachine's point here.  

First, every coach is a hypocrite when it comes to your players and your teams.  Every coach thinks the other team has fouled his team, and no player on your team has committed a foul on your team, etc.  If the roles were reversed I think I would be okay with Capel coming out and calling for a similar suspension, that's what coaches do, they want the best for their team, despite the fact that their request may be completely one-sided.  

I don't necessarily think that Longar had any harmful intent.  I think he was careless and reckless with his elbows and at this point in his playing career he probably should have been more careful, but Longar didn't mean to intentionally fracture Rizvic's orbital bone and if a player should be suspended for being careless and reckless, then okay.  

This is the type of offense in the NBA that would warrant a fine, but that's not an option here.