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Friday Night Notes

OU center, Longar Longar, has been suspended for two games for the elbow that fractured Esmir Rizvic's orbital bone. This from the story:

Weiberg said that after watching the videotape, Longar's actions were a violation of the league's sportsmanship policies. "On the play, Mr. Longar leads with a high elbow as he pivots after catching an inbound pass," Weiberg said in a statement. "His elbow made severe and excessive contact with the face of the Texas Tech player causing significant injury. We simply must convey a message that this kind of play will not be condoned."

Coach Leach and five Texas Tech's seniors are playing in Saturday's Inta Juice North-South All-Star Classic. I guess I still live close enough to a big city because I didn't know what Inta Juice is/was.

Vidor, Texas, Jerrod Gooch has de-committed from Texas and is now committing to Texas Tech. Although I can't link to an official story because you good folks would have to pay for it, the commitment list on the Texas Tech Scout website has been updated to add Gooch. I have to think that Gooch is at the very least a pretty good offensive lineman if he had already committed to UT, and of course I like the fact that he's committed to Tech. It's good to see things like this happen to Tech, it always seems like the shoe is on the other foot this time of year (i.e. Tech recruit switches to UT or A&M at the last minute.).

SB Nation sister site, Burnt Orange Nation, is reporting that USC's Pete Carroll is leaving USC. Now, that's a headline.