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Thursday Evening Notes

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I'm a little late posting some entries tonight as I, and part of me hates to admit this, took my wife to the ballet this evening.  I know, the name-calling starts in the comments section, however, for those of you who aren't married or otherwise attached this is called "bonus points" in my house.  

Onto some Tech related news:

SEN's Tim Griffin reports that the Big 12 and the Pac 10 have agreed on a 4 season series and Tech is considering playing their game in San Antonio.

Interestingly, Knight was the only Big 12 coach who spoke with reservations about the series with the Pac-10 schools. Among the more intriguing games next season will be UT at UCLA, Texas A&M at Arizona, Arizona at Kansas and Washington at Oklahoma State.

"It doesn't make any difference what I think," Knight said. "But I'm not anxious in the middle of December to go to the Pacific coast. There are plenty of teams we could play that are within an hour's flight."

DMN's Tim MacMahon reports that Gabe Hall will not seek a 6th year of eligibility and will declare for the NFL draft.

LAJ's Jeff Walker reports that Esmir Rizvic's surgery to repair a fractured orbital will take 6 to 8 weeks to heal and Rizvic is more than likely out for the season.

The Sporting News' Matt Hayes has an interesting article about how good coaches can reap incredible results and why universities are willing to pony up to make that happen.  

Because a national title is always as close as two years away. Any coach at any level will tell you players are the key ingredient to a championship team. But the right coach in the right situation can be the difference between playing in Glendale and teetering on the brink of ordinary in Shreveport.

The only reason I post this is to give a little credence to Hayes' idea that great coaching can lead to a quick turnaround, say replacing an old defensive coordinator who no longer recruits with a young energetic coach who might bring in some players.  I don't, know, I'm just saying.

Tech WR Joel Filani gets a little recognition by CBS Sportsline, J. Darin Darst, as Filani makes his all-bowl team.