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Who Should Be The Defensive Coordinator?

There's been little to zero news on defensive coordinator Lyle Setencich and his possible retirement.  When I last discussed this, Lyle was contemplating retirement, due to a fairly serious medical condition that his wife suffers.  

This little rant has nothing to do with Lyle's personal life, other than the fact that he's contemplated retirement somewhat recently.  I'd like to think that in a perfect world we have a really dynamic defensive coordinator who motivates his players and his personality is such that kids want to play for him.  I've never gotten that vibe from Lyle.  I'm sure that he's a decent coach, he's done a pretty good job with traditionally a bad situation.  In the years prior to his hiring, Tech was just plain awful and he's gotten the defense back to respectable.

But as a Tech fan I want a little more.  I know, greed is bad, but I'll live with that for now if I could get a charismatic defensive coordinator who could lure recruits to Tech with the promises of blitzing schemes, and pressure defense, and lots of turnovers.  Do I understand that those things are hard to deliver, especially with an offense that doesn't eat up time on the clock?  


I don't care.  

I will not settle for mediocrity and I expect Mike Leach not to settle for mediocrity either.  Leach doesn't settle for mediocrity with the offense and he shouldn't with the defense.  I really getting tired of seeing some nice names thrown about regarding defensive coordinator positions, but why can't they be thrown out Lubbock's way?  

I can understand that it's tough to lure recruits and coaches to Lubbock, but let's think about this.  I would think that if you've got the right guy sending the message, that you could convince a kid to come to Lubbock to play on a struggling defense and be a real stud.  The problem of course is that I wonder if Tech is really even giving itself a chance to get that kid.  The other problem is that Setencich is 61, there's nothing wrong with that, but he's not going to coach forever and if I were a recruit, I might be more inclined to go with a coordinator who's a little younger.

Tell me I'm wrong here, that I'm barking up the wrong tree.  I'll stop.  I promise.