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Centenary 64 Texas Tech 98

Bob Knight moves solely into 2nd place in all-time victories as the Texas Tech Red Raiders beat the Centenary Gentlemen, 94-68.

What a complete game. That's the best I've seen Tech play all year. Their post defense was great, we out-rebounded Centenary by 12 (29-17). I was probably most impressed with Michael Prince, check out his line:

29 minutes; 4-4 from the field; 7 boards, 2 offensive; 4 assists, 5 steals; 1 turnover; and 4 fouls.

If you didn't catch the telecast, Knight tapped Prince on the chin as he left the game for good and the game was out of hand. That got quite a reaction out of the announcers and the crowd.

I don't think that there's any doubt that Knight is not happy with Plefka and Dora and I can't necessarily blame him. It seemed to me that Knight is looking for other options and he's found at least two that he likes. Prince and Decensae White will get frontcourt minutes this year. It seems like Knight is trying to bring Rizvic along as quickly as he possibly can because his size will be needed in conference play, and Rizvic actually had a decent game, or he was useful rather than invisible.

Burgess was really good today, he didn't force jumpshots, but he pushed the ball, was able to get some really nice fast-break points. Zeno was really good, Jackson couldn't miss, Tech shot 63.5% from the floor and 61.1% from behind the arc.

Player Points Comment
Charlie Burgess 20 Best game of the year; great defense and pushed the ball
Darryl Dora 0 Until he rebounds is in the Knight dog-house
Jarrius Jackson 25 All-around great game; 5-7 beyond the arc
Jay Mitchell 0 Limited time but Knight is looking for post defense
Tanner Ogden 5 Not afraid to shoot the ball
Jon Plefka 2 No PT until the game was out of hand
Michael Prince 8 Active defensively; rebounded the ball well
Esmir Rizvic 0 Is making progress, slowly
Damir Suljagic 0 Showed nice frontcourt defense and rebounded
Benny Valentine 2 Nice break for Burgess and Jackson
Alan Voskuil 10 Could be great off the bench; instant offense
Decensae White 6 Active all over the court all-around good game
LucQuente White 7 I'd like to see him get some more time
Justin Wilkerson 2 Minimal minutes
Martin Zeno 11 7 assists and 1 turnover