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Texas Tech 66 Louisiana Tech 59 - Recap and Notes

The LAJ's Jeff Walker has a recap of the game here and since I watched the game let's go over some of the good and bad.

The Good:

  1. Decensae White is a nice player.  He's looks to be a pretty good passer, he's active and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders.  His offensive game is still coming around, but I think he's going to do good things.
  2. I didn't quite get my wish of seeing Wilkerson and Mitchell play but Prince did get some playing time.  He seemed really stiff at times on defense, but once again he looks like a player who can contribute.  He's got a nice outside jumper and that's a real plus for a guy who's 6'7"
  3. Zeno really carries this team.  7-10 from the field, 6 boards, 6 assits, and 3 steals.  He had 6 turnovers, but I think it's because he's trying to do too much.
  4. Jackson and Zeno worked so well together at the end of the game.  It was obvious that they Tech was going to go to either one of them
The Bad:
  1. In 13 minutes, 5'7" Benny Valentine grabbed 3 rebounds, in 23 minutes Dora grabbed 1 rebound.
  2. Rizvic still looks like he's learning the game.  He just not comfortable playing out there.
  3. Plefka didn't get a single minute.  I'm sure that Plefka will get some time during the course of the year, but he doesn't offer much other than post decent post defense and some size.
  4. Charlie Burgess rushes too many shots.  It's like he's pressing out there instead of just letting the game come to him.  I'm sure it's an adjustment playing for Knight and learning the offense, but I think he's a player and Tech would be in serious trouble without him this year.
Last night I posted that Tech outrebounded the Bulldogs 31-30, but looking at the stats from Mid-Majority, Tech lost the rebound battle but if you look at the ESPN boxscore was out rebounded by 1.  I'm not sure who to believe, but I would think the official Texas Tech stats are a little more reliable.