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Thursday Night Football Notes

From the DMN, we find out that Ofa Mohetau has been suspended for the Insight Bowl for violating team rules and Dewayne Baziel and Jared Williams have been dismissed from the team.

DMN's Tim MacMahon grabs a quote from former Tech QB, Kliff Kingsbury on whether or not Leach should go to Miami if given the opportunity:

"Of course, I'd love for him to stay here," said Kingsbury, Tech's all-time leading passer and Leach's first Red Raider QB. "But I think that's a great opportunity for any coach. That's one of the top Division I programs, historically speaking. It would be real hard to turn down."

I always think that at some point Miami was not a national powerhouse.  At some point, a school finds a coach who leads that program from mediocrity to a national championship.  I know that those are high expectations, but realistically, if kids will go to Norman or Lincoln (no offense to either of those fine cities) then they'll come to Tech.  We just have to have a program that kids want to be a part of and we're slowly but surely working towards that.

LAJ's Don Williams reports that Leach is simply happy to be practicing and moving towards preparing for the Insight Bowl.  Just think, he could have that kind of media intensity all of the time if he took the Miami job.  I just can't see Leach taking on that sort of mainstream media.

Leach has this to say about the distraction:

"Does it create a level of distraction? Yeah, it creates some level of distraction," Leach said after presiding over a two-hour practice. "You just work through and day by day go out there and do your job. Quite frankly, it's good to get back out there and practice and roll on."

And this to say about his conversation with Paul Dee, the Miami AD:

"We didn't," Leach said. "I saw Paul Dee. I saw a bunch of athletic directors. I saw a bunch of head coaches and didn't have formal discussions on anything with any of them. It was more of a mingle, go-to-dinner, that type of deal. Basically, small talk in the lobby is what everything boiled down to there, but I talked to hundreds of people."

Finally, congratulations to Sonny Dykes who appears he will formally accept the Arizona coaching position on Friday.