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Leach Might Stay?

LAJ's Don Williams is reporting that Leach expects to be with the Red Raiders next year.  

Here are the more interesting quotes from Leach about the entire meeting with Miami's AD, Phillip Dee.

On whether he'd like to stay:

"I pretty much do,'' Leach said when asked if he expects to be coaching Tech in 2007. "I've been here seven years, and I've done the best I can each year, and so I probably will next year."

On his meeting with Phillip Dee:

"Just shook his hand,'' Leach said. "How you doing? He's a friendly guy. Nothing special. . . I wouldn't characterize it as a discussion."

"Have they offered me anything? No," Leach said. "Are they going to? I don't have the faintest idea. ... I haven't been offered anything. If I am, what will I do? I don't know."

On if he'd rather be at Tech or Miami:

When asked whether he'd rather coach at Tech or Miami if the compensation were close, Leach said: "I've got everything set up at Tech, you know?"

He added, "I've thought about this way less than you might imagine."

I had mentioned earlier this week about how it really seemed odd that Ruffin McNeil was making the Sonny Dykes announcement and some it makes a little more sense.  Leach was out of town and McNeil was helping him out, but something still doesn't seem quite right about the whole situation.

I really hope that Leach stays, I thought that the raise last year would have ensured that Leach would be here for a while, but I guess that's what I get for making assumptions.