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Monday Night Football Notes

I love Mike Leach, I really do.  Via Brian Davis at the DMN, here are the quotes from Fran, Brown and Leach when asked about Jim Tressel abstaining from the most recent coach's poll:


"I can understand why Jim felt the way he did," Franchione said. "But I still think he agreed to vote at the beginning of the year, and that's probably what he should have done. ... Those are the responsibilities that we were given, and we should fill our end."

"I saw where Jim didn't vote, and in some ways, I wish I would have done the same thing," Brown said. "Both are great teams, and Michigan got punished for not having a conference championship opportunity this year."

"That's a bunch of sanctimonious bunk," said Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who put Michigan second on his final ballot and Florida third.

Both Brown and Fran gave the politically correct answers, and Leach gave the answer that everyone was thinking but too afraid to say.

Also on the DMN College blog, Chuck Carlton notes that Leach favors a 32 or 64 team playoff and laughs at the idea that college teams can't handle the schedule.

The difference between the payout on the Insight Bowl and the Alamo Bowl is about $3.2 million.  That's a lot of money.  That's a lot of money that I'd love to see reinvested in recruiting and facilities.  The DMN provides an initial preview to the game.

The LAJ's Don Williams, as always, has a preview of the teams and information on tickets.

Finally, Texas Tech assistant head coach, Ruffin McNeil, notifies the press that Sonny Dykes has accepted the Arizona offensive coordinator position.  Does anyone else find it odd that McNeil is making this announcement rather than Leach?  I'm not trying to insinuate anything and quite frankly, even if I did, I wouldn't know what to insinuate.  I just think it's odd.