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The Aftermath, Texas Tech wins Insight Bowl

I'm trying to get a quick post off this morning before I start my day.  I have not reveled in the game footage, but I will soon, I promise.

Paul, a Minnesota football blogger, his website is here, emailed me this morning still lamenting Minnesota's devastating defeat.  That is a horrible way to lose a game for Minnesota fans and a wonderful way to win if you're a Tech fan.  I know this is tiny, but at some point during the first half, the camera went to Glen Mason, the Gophers head coach, and it looked like he was smirking as he was up by 21 or 28.  That alone made me mad, but I thought, why wouldn't he feel just a little smarmy about the way the game was going.  Anyway, if you are a Minnesota football fan looking for a place to vent, feel free to start a diary on the right hand side, or visit Paul's site.  

FWST's John Miller has a recap of Texas Tech's year.

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle has a really nice article about Coach Leach, give it a spin.  I like this portion of his article:

Inside the locker room, he told his players they had been part of something they would remember forever. He knew that much to be true. He'll figure the rest out later. He also believes football at Texas Tech might be changed in some large, fundamental, indefinable way.

"Oh, absolutely," Leach said. "I think this is a game we can draw on forever."

Things happen in sports that defy description, and that's one of the reasons we love our games. You show up at the stadium expecting nothing special, and you witness a moment you're telling people about for the rest of your life.

DMN's Tim MacMahon, at 8:49 p.m. yesterday, finally found the time to write about the game and recap the season.  Bleh.

Luckily, we have dedicated writers like LAJ's Don Williams who had a slew of articles yesterday and today.  This article is about Leach and that he knew that at halftime, the game wasn't close to being over.  Apparently Leach and former OU coach Barry Switzer are pals:

Leach and Switzer, "who's always kind of looked after me,'' Leach said, talk regularly. What words did Switzer offer this time?

"Just good job,'' Leach said, "and that it was impressive, just keeping everybody together and having them believe. He said that was good, and he really enjoyed watching it, thought it was real impressive, which, coming from him, that's a gigantic compliment."

Don has another game recap with some interesting quotes.

Harrell on the comeback:

"I said, 'Let's relax. Have fun. We can't control anything that's happened,'" Harrell said. "All we can do is have fun, and see if we can't get this thing turned around."

Trlica on the 52 yard field goal to send the game to overtime:

"I just drew back from the mistakes I made in that game," Trlica said. "This kick, I told myself to stay calm, not get too hyped up, go through your routine like it was any other kick. I definitely think the UTEP experience helped me, because I felt a lot more comfortable out there this time."

Leach on Trlica:

"It was probably the most significant kick that he's had," Leach said. "I think it was great to see that. He's always had a lot of leg, but it's great to see him calmly march up there, kick it through and put it into overtime."

Leach on Harrell:

"I think he played real well," Leach said. "Better than even the throws and the catches, he really did a great job of leading the offensive unit. I think he really did an excellent job, and the best job that I've seen him do, of leading the offensive unit from one play to the next."

As much as I loved seeing Harrell succeed, I think I enjoyed seeing Woods get some real tough yards for the Red Raiders where previously, that didn't happen.  I've never seen Woods run as hard as he did Friday night, every yard.