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UNLV 74, Texas Tech 66

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UNLV beat Texas Tech, 74-66, dropping Tech to 10-4 for the season. I really thought that Tech would take this game, but UNLV was the better team tonight. I didn't think that UNLV would hit as many threes as they did and I was shocked by the number of good looks UNLV continued to get, especially in the first half. At any rate, it's disappointing to say the least. I was hoping for a better game and there was plenty of fight left in Tech throughout the game, they just didn't have the perimeter shooting, nor the perimeter defense that's helped them out recently. As an aside, I was not happy about the game, but when ESPN previewed that Stephen A. Smith's show was going to be about Knight and breaking the record, did the rest of you throw up a little bit?

Player Reb. A Pts Comment
Martin Zeno 3 4 22 Has the ability to score when others cannot
Jarrius Jackson 2 0 20 Struggled offensively and defensively all night
Damir Suljagic 2 0 10 Was instrumental in the attempted comeback
Darryl Dora 1 3 6 So inconsistent it's disappointing
Decensae White 3 1 4 A spark off the bench; but why was he handling the ball?
Alan Voskuil 3 0 2 Minimal minutes
Esmir Rizvic 3 0 1 Attempted to do too much offensively forced too many shots
Michael Prince 0 0 1 Could not compete with UNLV's size up front
Charlie Burgess 0 0 0 Too wild and too inconsistent
Benny Valentine 0 0 0 Silly fouls
LucQuente White 1 1 0 Minimal minutes

What Tech Did Right: The continued play of Martin Zeno continues to impress me. He is so consistent and efficient that it's just silly. I was real impressed with how Zeno busted up his nose, went to the bench, had some gauze stuffed up his nose and was back in the game. I love that. Jackson was okay and seemed to get a number of his buckets in the second half, but he really struggled in the first half when we could have used his assistance to stay close. Suljagic was really good inside and scored well in traffic. Decensae White was a nice spark off the bench, but I couldn't figure out why he was handling the ball out front. He looked really uncomfortable as a point-forward. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, but we may want to wait until after 880 before we start tinkering with a point-forward. Other than that, there wasn't too much to love.

What Tech Did Wrong: Lots. Burgess was completely ineffective. We really need him defensively and we need some easy fast break points from him. He's got to find a way to get the other scorers involved. Dora could only manage 1 rebound in 22 minutes. Michael Prince had a real tough time matching up with the UNLV forwards. He's just not suited to that type of match-up. I think that once he defines his offensive game a little more, he'll be able to take advantage of those inside players. Team rebounding is still a real big issue. Someone other than Prince and Zeno has got to grab a couple of boards. Maybe it will be Suljagic. The perimeter defense was atrocious. The number of clean looks UNLV had was staggering. Offensively, UNLV did a great job of not allowing Tech to get into an offensive rhythm. From the beginning of the game, UNLV was not going to get beat on the perimeter, and that will be the way that most teams play Tech. Now, Knight has to get his kids to adjust.

Luckily, all of these things are correctable. Defensive intensity. Offensive execution. Rebound. Knight will have them ready to go against New Mexico, I promise. By the way, New Mexico throttled Alcorn St., 91 to 59.