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Wednesday Night Football Notes

Don Williams has a nice article about freshman defensive end, Brandon Williams, who was named to The Sporting News all-freshman team this year.  Williams makes a really good point in that Dawson and Nitschmann are both seniors and both defensive tackles are seniors as well (Hudler, Blake and Scott).

We also have a Texas Tech notebook, which focuses more on Minnesota than it does on Tech.

And for those of you who have made the trip to Phoenix for the game, there will be a Texas Tech basketball watching party as Coach Knight attempts to break Dean Smith's record at Majerle's.  For those of you who are too young, Dan Majerle was a 6-6 forward from Central Michigan, and played for the Phoenix Suns for a number of years and yes, at one point in my life I coveted his rookie basketball card (I know, it's sad).

We also have DMN's Tim MacMahon's daily article about a Tech player as we lead up to the Insight Bowl and today's feature was on Texas Tech right tackle Gabe Hall.  Hall is thinking about declaring for the draft despite the fact that he has another year of eligibility due to a wrist injury he suffered in 2003.

Hall, however, hasn't decided whether he'll return if his request is granted. He wonders whether it's in his best interest to attempt to begin an NFL career.

His athleticism intrigues scouts. Hall, a high school wide receiver who didn't move to tackle until his weight ballooned after his wrist injury, can still run the 40-yard dash in less than five seconds. He still has the quick feet that helped him become a basketball star at Lubbock Coronado. draft analyst Gil Brandt said there is a chance Hall could be taken on the second day of April's draft. Brandt recommended that Hall return to Tech and spend as much time as possible in the weight room.

Hall will have a hard time finding somebody with an unbiased, informed opinion that opting to pass on another college season is a good idea.

"I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that a guy that has played offensive line for two years needs another year," Leach said. "That's one consensus you can get from the NFL."

You think Leach wants him back next year?  I've never thought that Leach would keep a guy in Lubbock if it wasn't for his own good and Leach is probably right about Hall, he could use another year of seasoning at Tech.