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Tuesday Morning Football Notes

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, as we are now within 3 days of the Insight Bowl.

We have a few articles from the DMN, the first including Brian Davis's bowl preview for games prior to the New Year's Eve.  Davis picks Tech to completely demolish Minnesota. offers up two photo galleries, nothing special, but I enjoy the last photograph in the last photo gallery.

DMN's Tim MacMahon has a pretty neat article on Texas Tech WR, Joel Filani.  I had no idea that there was a prevailing thought that because of his eating habits the coaches considered moving him to defensive end:

Yet Filani understands why the coaches considered turning him from a pass-catcher into a pass-rusher. He had bulked up to 235 pounds, gorging at the training table while pouting about a lack of playing time. He hadn't shown any signs of developing as a receiver since playing in a run-heavy Wing-T offense at Paradise Valley High. And then there was the whole pass-catching thing.

"I had a little case of the stone hands," Filani said. "I was more of a headcase than anything else."

Filani can laugh about it now. The former project is now a projected NFL draft pick. draft analyst Gil Brandt, the Cowboys' longtime personnel director, said Filani will probably get selected in the fourth round of April's draft.

I would think that from a recruiting perspective, recruits players or potential players look at where players are drafted and for the first time in a long time that I can remember, a Tech skill position player may be drafted fairly early and that bodes well for the Tech program.