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Tuesday Night Notes

My lovely wife had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled this morning so I've been busy keeping her nice and medicated the entire day, not to mention, the LAJ is the only newspaper that is putting out Tech articles, Don Williams and Jeff Walker, so I really haven't missed too much today.

Don's article is about the records that Alex Reyes and Alex Trlica will hopefully break by game's end against Minnesota.  Reyes hopes to break the Texas Tech record for punting average in a season, previously held by Maury Buford and Trlica will break the NCAA record for consecutive extra points made with the first extra point made on Friday.

Jeff's article deals with Tech taking advantage of the the non-conference schedule with 10 wins this season, which, in comparison to last year's record of 8-6 in non-conference is quite an improvement.

"Last year going into the conference play we were 8-6 and that was damn near as many games as we'd lost in the previous four years prior to conference," Tech head coach Bob Knight said. "Obviously, we weren't very pleased about that and one of our goals was to be able to go into the conference this year in a much better position than we did last year and we still have that chance."

Certainly, taking advantage of a non-conference schedule helps a possible NCAA berth and UNLV will certainly be the best team that Tech has faced other than Stanford and Arkansas (each with different results) this early season.