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Texas Tech v. Minnesota - Special Teams

I won't try to add to these numbers as it appears that Dominic Jones does a lot of the heavy lifting as far as returns are concerned for Minnesota, and according to the numbers he's pretty good. As far as Tech is concerned, I've never understood why your starting running back, Shannon Woods, and a wide receiver who barely weighs 170 are returning kickoffs. I wouldn't mind seeing L.A. Reed or Batch or Britton returning kickoffs. Amendola has been solid, but not spectacular all year returning punts.


Team Player No. Yds Avg.
Texas Tech Alex Reyes 42 1897 45.2
Minnesota Justin Kucek 53 2126 40.1

Punt Returns

Team Player No. Yds Avg. TD
Texas Tech Danny Amendola 38 340 8.9 0
Minnesota Dominic Jones 19 218 11.5 0


Team Player No. Yds TB
Texas Tech Keith Toogood 61 3825 37
Texas Tech Alex Trlica 11 670 1
Minnesota Joel Monroe 62 3863 26

Kickoff Returns

Team Player No. Yds Avg. TD
Texas Tech Shannon Woods 15 278 18.5 0
Texas Tech Eric Morris 12 201 16.8 0
Texas Tech L.A. Reed 2 30 15 0
Minnesota Dominic Jones 28 683 24.4 1
Minnesota Jay Thomas 6 87 14.5 0

Field Goals

Team Player FGM FGA Pct. Long
Texas Tech Alex Trlica 14 20 70.0 49
Minnesota Jason Giannini 7 12 58.3 41

As far as an advantage is concerned, give me Tech, slightly, but only because I think that the Tech kickers (Trlica, Toogood and Reyes) have a statistical advantage over Minnesota's kickers.