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Saturday Morning Baskeball Note

DMN's Tim MacMahon writes about what drives Knight to keep coaching as we all know by now that he's not motivated by the record.

So what keeps Knight going after 878 wins, 27 NCAA Tournament appearances, three national championships and an Olympic gold medal?

"I may be incapable of doing anything else," Knight said.

Those in Knight's inner circle said he remains driven by competitiveness, pride and a passion for teaching. Knight loves winning, and he loves the process of preparing a team to win.

This is part of what I was trying to get at the other night.  Coach Knight loves a challenge and this year's squad really presented a challenge for him, and I think he friggin absolutely loves it.

I'll post a game day thread later today.  I really expect Tech to stick it to the fake-Buffalo Bills, Bucknell.  I really hope that this game is sold out.  Go Raiders.