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Texas Tech Defensive Backs v. Minnesota Wide Receivers

Texas Tech Defensive Backs

The biggest problem I had with this year's group was that there were many times this year where we simply gave up too many big pass plays. I don't know whether to blame that on the coaching or on the players themselves, but I distinctly remember the touchdown catch that UT's Sweed with single coverage and the defender, for whatever reason, got behind him. I couldn't help but think to myself that there were too many plays just like that. I think that Garcia and McBath are pretty nice talents especially in terms of run support, but as I stated above, they both tend to get beat too often in pass defense.

Huffman and Parker have decent size for cornerbacks and luckily for them they have played against larger wide receivers in practice, but Minnesota has fairly sizable wide receivers of their own.

Position Player Height Weight Class Tackles Int. BrUp
CB Antonio Huffman 5-11 179 Sr. 66 1 6
CB Chris Parker 5-11 178 So. 44 2 6
S Joe Garcia 6-1 217 Jr. 78 1 0
S Darcel McBath 6-1 196 So. 70 3 5

Minnesota Wide Receivers and Tight End

Position Player Height Weight Class Rec. Yds. TD
WR Logan Payne 6-2 200 Sr. 56 786 8
TE Jack Simmons 6-4 215 So. 10 95 0
WR Ernest Wheelwright 6-5 210 Jr. 22 392 4
WR Eric Decker 6-2 215 Fr. 24 337 3
WR Mike Chambers 6-1 195 Fr. 19 231 0

None of the Golden Gopher wide receivers blow you away with their numbers, but the tight end does, or at least he did. Matt Spaeth is a 6-6, 270 tight end who caught 47 passes and 4 touchdowns. Fortunately for Tech for this All-American, he recently had shoulder surgery and he's out for the game. He's replaced by Jack Simmons who appears to be a much different type of tight end as there is a 60 pound weight difference between Spaeth and Simmons.

Logan Payne is Minnesota's best wide receiver and his numbers are okay. Payne is tied for 52nd for receptions per game and 54th nationally for receiving yards per game.

Minnesota only throws for 217 yards per game so I don't believe that Tech needs to be overly worried about the Minnesota wide-outs. Much like I've preached all year, keep these guys in front of you, and don't let Minnesota get an easy score through a long pass completion.