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Preview: Bucknell v. Texas Tech Part II

I forgot to mention on the last preview that the game against Bucknell is scheduled to be on ESPN2, so break out a beverage of your choice and enjoy the game, you're on holiday, you've earned it.

AP's Betsy Blaney
writes about the relationship between Bob and his son, Pat.  I certainly think that both of them have learned a lot from the other.  

"I think it really started when I played for him at Indiana," said Pat Knight, who played for the Hoosiers from 1991-95. "But it's been even better being a coach."

It's not all sweetness, though. Sometimes their discussions turn into head-butting sessions.

"It gets heated at times but at least we get all our ideas on the table," Pat Knight said. "We each want to get our point across."

The senior Knight downplayed the help he gives his son, other assistants and players.

"I just teach them the little I know and hope it helps them become better," Bob Knight said.

Texas Tech athletic director Gerald Myers, who brought Knight to West Texas after he was fired from Indiana University, said the father and son work well together.

"I think it's been good for Bob," Myers said. "I can't imagine any of his former assistants having more input or influence than (Pat) has as far as game preparation and recruiting."

The Kansas City Star's Blair Kerkhoff has an interesting note about a the NCAA all-times record:

Kansas graduate Adolph Rupp handed the record to another Kansas grad, Dean Smith, who became the game's all-time winner a decade ago. But Kansas' ownership in the coaching record runs even deeper. Beginning in the early 1920s, not long after Phog Allen started his second stint with the Jayhawks, he became the game's all-time victory leader and remained on top for several years beyond his retirement in 1956.

Add it up, and the record has belonged to a Jayhawk for all but six years in the last eight decades.

Take the time to read this article in full, it's worth it.

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes about how Coach Knight has used a zone defense this year:

"We have a perfectly reasonable thought behind using it," Knight said. "When you play a zone, you don't have to go through the other team's out of bounds plays so that eliminates that from what the kid has to keep in mind when he's playing."

Jeff always does an excellent job and almost always has some pretty good quotes from Coach Knight.