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Wilkerson Transfers and Basketball Notes

LAJ's Jeff Walker is reporting that forward Justin Wilkerson will transfer at the semester.  

Wilkerson's father, David, stated that Justin was transferring due to lack of playing time.

To be quite honest, I was a little shocked when I saw this headline this morning.  Wilkerson, from Greenville, Texas, committed to Texas Tech as a sophomore in high school.  At the time, I was shocked that the offer of a scholarship was even made to a kid this young, and it reminded me of when Indiana offered Damon Bailey a scholarship at the same time (at least this is what my memory tells me).  So much can happen to a kid who is 16 and commits to a major university, he may not develop like the university expected or the kid may run into trouble, its such a crapshoot on both sides of the fence.

The DMN's Tim MacMahon has an article about the emergence of Zeno as a vocal leader, echoing the article by Jeff Walker yesterday.  From Zeno:

"They look for you to make sure each and every player is ready to play and knows what Coach wants," Zeno said. "I did it before in little spurts, but they wanted me to do it all the time."