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Hicks Not Available for Insight Bowl

According to Tim MacMahon of the DMN and Don Williams of the LAJ, Jarrett Hicks will not be available for the Insight Bowl as he is currently dealing with academic issues.

The relevant portion of the LAJ article states the following:

Tech coach Mike Leach said Hicks was "dealing with academic issues," but declined further comment.

That's really disappointing for an amazing talent, as it is with most things in life, those people who disappoint the most are the ones who have this incredible talent but for whatever reason refuse or choose not to utilize that talent.  

I can't figure out what happened with Hicks, he was supposed to have an amazing year and be an absolute terror on the field, but he was merely a spare part.  I have written my preview for the Tech Wide Receivers v. Minnesota Defensive Backs and in that preview I mention that I am surprised that Hicks didn't have a better year because I truly believed that he was auditioning to play on  Sundays.

This is really a downer of a note for guy who still leaves Tech as the university's all-time leader in touchdowns (30).