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Wrap Up: Texas Tech and TCU

Jeff Walker of the LAJ has an article that focuses on Burgess' hot hand against TCU.  On a sad note, last night we learned that Jay Jackson's grandfather passed away yesterday before the game.  Jackson still had a decent game, but it was Burgess who really stepped up along with Zeno.  

I thought it was interesting that Knight was complimentary of the team yesterday, finding some silver lining:

"The last two games we've done something that was really positive that was out of a negative," Knight said, referring to the Raiders' blowing a double-digit lead on Saturday at UTEP before winning by 17. "We played well in the first half in both games. We came off the floor in both games with 14-point leads, and in both cases we lost that lead. The thing that I focus on is that I don't think last year's team could have won either one of these games."

I find it strange that Knight would say this at this point.  I can't claim that I know Knight very well, but Knight seems to be a "glass half-empty" sort of guy.  I'm not saying that I think that he's always negative, but I find this to be an unusual time to compliment the team.  Tech really struggled against TCU, and TCU is not a good team.  Tech should have really taken care of business against TCU and the margin of victory was only 10, but Knight thought it an appropriate time to throw a compliment to these guys.  Perhaps it's just Knight realizing that you can only push so hard on a team and at some point you've got to let up.  This was the 4th of 6 games on the road and maybe he saw that the team was playing hard, making an effort, and being smart.